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in house and possibly the senate. what lessons might obama learn from history where he reelected? confronted with a congress dominated by republicans, further complicating the challenge is the apparent disappearance in the spirit of compromise, which has actually been a mainstay of legislation through the nations history with one very momentous exception. members of congress and the south would not compromise on the subject of the expansion of slavery, other than states defeated and the civil war institute. we have heard much about the impending battle between the president and congress over the extension of the bush tax cuts, raising the death on it and potential of automatic cut and spend name. the necessity of resolving these issues is the chairman or nokia refers to as the fiscal cliff. it is likely these political decisions will be given brief extension so that the next president and congress will be saddled with making the decision. as a second term president, obama would face obstacles really experienced by a chief executive return to office, where he would face sizable nu
the tough choices. >> for some reason, obama and the senate democrats have gotten away with an extraordinary amount of nonsense. they haven't put forth a budget -- >> neil: they say they will and include tax hikes. >> will it make significant cuts or will it be the baseline budgeting? -- [overlapping dialogue] jierks do you think -- >> neil: do you think they are going to see through this -- that is the markets? >> yeah, i think they are going to kick the can down the road. i don't know, i mean, republicans seem to think they need to cave to get the fireworks on the left -- >> neil: what would be the alternative. >> to say, we are not hiking the debt ceiling unless you make these cuts now. we have over $16 trillion in debt. we can't afford it. i don't want to have this conversation every couple of months. do your job and barack obama, hold them accountable. >> neil: there is this thing about double treatment that is not quite the same when it comes to blaming republicans for being obstructionists by not wanting to increase the debt ceiling when the media didn't do that when every major democ
. >>> not everyone happy to hear what president obama had to say in his inaugural address. some high-profile senate republicans said that obama failed to extend an olive branch. john mccain said i would have liked to have seen some outreach. and john thune said mostly 30,000 foot stuff and he wasn't doing the kind of outreach that he needs to do if he wants to get things accomplished in the second term. and susan collins of maine said i had hoped it would be a little less partisan than it was at times. >>> the nation's capital in full party mode. the obamas not only looked amazing, they seemed to have a great time taking it in the second time around. the number of parties scaled back from ten -- ten parties four years ago. two last night. there was definitely no shortage of big stars, big moments, 21 acts, including jennifer hudson, alicia keys, stevie wonder performing. and brianna keilar has more. >> ladies and gentlemen, my better half, and my dance partner, michelle obama. >> reporter: at the commander in chief's ball, jennifer hudson sang "let's stay together." and michelle obama revealing she
he was senator obama. he always talked about, he also understood the gravity and talked about, i stand on the shoulders of the great men and women of the civil right era who made this possible. even early on, many of the civil rights leaders early on in the primary process were with hillary clinton and it took a while for them to trust him and know who he was. and he used a lot of that conversation saying, look, because of you all, i am possible. and i remember we saw congressman lewis there, he was one of the people who had sort of that great turmoil because he was originally for hillary, then he said his consciousness, he changed for barack obama. i think the president gets it, he understands it, and he's very respectful of it. >> i also think about, he spoke about the fierce urgency of now early on. for many in the gay community in the united states, they didn't feel that he had that sense of fierce urgency. i think today after the speech, i think there are a lot of gay and lesbian americans who were surprised to hear a president use the word stonewall and use it in the same s
obama's inaugural speech. senator john mccain and said there was no outreach to the g.o.p. there's no surprise that they didn't four years, but will a new congress bring a new outlook. and joining us is a freshman congressman, tom cotton, and we contacted every single freshman democrat in congress, none of them agreed to take part in the panel tonight. congressmen, welcome. what do you think of the speech. >> i was in awe, and it was shocking the speech is so liberal. yes, it's president barack obama, he's liberal. i thought some of the things are great. all americans believe in, freedom, and how do we implement that. do we need more government in our lives and spending our children into debt. how do we accomplish things. bring the adults to the table and start soming the economic problems. >> greta: what do you think. >> first the town was typical barack obama i thought. and wanted to paint his opponents as wrong, but morally wrong and doing this with paul ryan for two years, the thoughts of bugetary issues, doesn't engage in ideas calls him names and questions his motives. seco
cuts tied to raising the debt limit. president obama is calling for a "clean" debt limit increase, because it pays for bills the u.s. has already racked up. meanwhile, house speaker john boehner says he wants the house and senate to pass a budget in the near term that includes severe cuts to social programs. without a budget, boehner says lawmakers should not receive pay checks. president obama wants a balanced budget. the senate is expected to approve aid for states devastated by superstorm sandy. senators will vote on a $50 billion dollar bill today. last week, congress said yes to the funding... but not without no votes. the majority of republican house members voted against the bill.. calling it too expensive and saying it should come with spending cuts. january 4th, congress agreed to $9.7 billion package to assist with flood insurance claims from the storm. japan airlines is canceling more flights this week due to technical problems aboard boeing's 787 dreamliner. last week jal cancelled round trip flights.. and will continue those cancellations through january 25th. air
party is advocating limiting national service. president obama campaigned to expand to 250,000. senator kennedy helped to pass the expansion. i was wondering what role "the nation" can play in helping to support the program. >> we've done a lot of work around expanding doctors into rural community centers. americorps is a good program. all of those should be supported. we have not done as much. there has been controversy at the magazine. i am more of a supporter of teach for america than my colleagues. they are good programs. >> what could we do collectively as the next up for occupy wall street? -- next step for occupy wall street? >> what is your main interest in the issues raised by occupy wall street? if it is money and politics, you should join with those who are occupying the supreme court, fighting in states for clean money reform, and fighting for an amendment strategy to overturn the citizens united decision, and fighting in elections to change the supreme court. >> what would you think of having a national general assembly modeled on the original continental congress in philad
. it was on that very basis then senator obama voted against an effort to raise the debt limit. we need to turn it around. the way we turn it around to permanent structural spending reform like a balanced budget amendment. that's what we need her. jon: chuck schumer, fellow democrat senator from new york, said on sunday shows looks like the senate might come up with a budget resolution. it includes tax increases. is that the way to solve this thing. >> no, tax increases are not going to solve our problem. ultimately what we have not a revenue problem or a tax problem although our tax code is bloated and distorted and not necessarily complex. we're not going to solve this problem through additional revenue, we'll solve it by change the way we spend money. jon: senator lee. wish you well. it would be interested to see if the balanced budget amendment makes it through this time. i have my doubts. but again, thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. >> something you probably have in your medicine cabinet right now could be a real danger to your eyesight. the brand new study linking a common painki
on camera with us today. they seemed a little camera shy, perhaps wanting to give president obama his day. but one key senate republican said he wishes the president had spoken more about the need to reform medicare, medicaid and social security. >> unfortunately, right now, we have a situation where it is generational fest. we are leaving our kids and grand kids with incredible burdens of debt and deficit unless we reform these important programs. i think the choice the president ought to be laying out instead and ought to be telling the american people yes, we can do. this we can even improve these programs in certain important ways but we have to address it. >> the senator from ohio says he wishes the president had given more examples of areas where republicans and democrats could work together, shep. a major test coming next week. >> that's right. you have got the house is going to take up later this week as a matter of fact on wednesday. they are going to vote on increasing the nation's borrowing limit the debt ceiling as it is called. okay wednesday they are going to do that vote. t
in the book about this a little. if senator kennedy had been alive, he was so critical to the election of president obama. his endorsement in the pivotal period with the turbulence in turmoil early after south carolina, i think he would have been important inside the system as a push towards something bigger and would have pushed to have more connection to outside the beltway. obama it is now traveling on the country. he is forced to because of the election. if you sit inside the beltway too long and get in the backroom deals -- >> even movements can be cloistered. i remember a dinner during the george w. bush administration in southern california. it was norman lear and his wife, larry david, bob scheer. they were sitting around w eeping in their expensive soup about the fact that we were living in hell. rupert murdoch on the media. george bush was president. norman lear had his pulse on american culture for 30 years. why cannot figure out how to deal -- deliver a message that is important and happening? >> that is important. we can find messages that speak to people where they are. t
a commitment to bipartisanship and to change. senators, thank you so much for being here. barack obama, sworn into a second term. senator, how do you think his second term will be different? how do you hope it will be different? >> we know the country is facing major challenges. we're starting with the challenge of bringing the debt down. but then there are so many opportunities for our country. the economy's now more stable. we can move forward with immigration reform. something i think you'll see bipartisan support, energy. the three of us care very much about that. and just other ideas to make sure that our workers are trained for the jobs that are available today. >> senator, things have to change? >> they do. i think that the american people are really tired of the partisan gridlock in washington. they want us to take a more pragmatic, less ideological approach to the issues. they want us to sit down negotiate and actually solve problems. >> senator heitkamp you are a new member to the senate. along with that are 100 new women in congress. what's that like being part
? >> the nomination for cia and senator kerry for secretary of state, these are very talented managers, but i think the essence of the obama administration across foreign policy process is a centrally run process out of the white house by the national security advisor, by the president, the vice president. i think you will see more of that, so we will see more of the same, with a few exceptions. >> is stepping back approach, and you think that is going to be showing in mali and syria? we are likely -- unlikely to see the u.s. taking the lead in those conflicts? >> i am worried. we had china and japan increasingly competitive with potential conflicts with territorial disputes in the south china sea. we had india and pakistan. we had new instability in northern africa. we have syria. we have a number of crises potentially multiplying, but i do not see a different or strong or old set of initiatives from the u.s. i hope so. ink tv. >> hello, the top stories. troops have retaken two central towns from rebel groups. the government extended the state of emergency by three months. soldiers in retreat brie
michelle obama. she will be accompanied by the stairs by nancy erikson, the secretary of the senate. karen hoss, mrs. iris wine stawn, wife of chuck schumer, and the wife of harry reed and mr. paul pelosi, the husband of house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, the first lady of the united states, mrs. michelle obama, accompanied by secretary of the senate nancy erikson, clerk of the house of representatives, karen h0. 0s, mrs. schubert, mrs. reed and -- [cheering] >> next up we're going to see the approach and about to be announced of vice president, the world's happiest guy, bill biden. don't think we have ever seen him except in times of national crises without that smile on his face. >> and why not today. >> it's the effect of joe biden's remarks on this administration. they were an odd couple. he was the hot to barack obama's cool. >> he was the punch line for a lot of late-night monologues. if anything, joe biden has emerged in this administration has a key player and indispensable player in dealing with the congress and the political part of politics,
, republicans think president obama should of reached out more in his address. arizona republican senator john mccain, who lost in the 2008 presidential race said, "i would like to have seen some more outreach." house speaker john boehner has a question on his home page on the web, asking "will senate democrats ever pass a budget. the last time they tackled the most basic responsibility of governing was on april 29, 2009." with the house set to vote this week, the speaker's office has a new graphic on the web page showing just some of the things that could of been done in a similar four-year span. they include building the pentagon three times, go on 179 round trips to the moon, or build the keystone xl pipeline twice. president obama has won more inaugural event to attend to. that is this morning. the president and vice-president joe biden will be attending a prayer service at the national cathedral. that begins around 9:45. you can watch it on c-span3 or listen to it here on c-span radio. acts at about 10:30. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. >[video clip] >> from the s
day low for the first lady michelle obama. this was during yesterday's luncheon at the capitol. everyone was eating and listening to a speech by senator chuck schumer when this happened. >> i think we really deserve a round of applause to our chef -- did you see that dismissive head shake there? catch that eye roll there. looks like she didn't like the conversation much going on or coming at her from boehner. up next, republicans have figured out they can't win presidential elections fair and square so now they want to change the rules. they want to cheat a little. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics. ♪ aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪ let's say you pay your guy around 2% to manage your money. that's not much you think. except it's 2% every year. does that make a difference? search "cost of financial advisors" ouch. over time it really adds up. then go
the inaugural platform as the center of attention for the very last time, president obama had the presence of mind to stop and take in the moment. >> i'm not going to see this again. >> all right, senator, great job. >> well done. >> all right, senator, great job. >>> meanwhile, the "today" show's al roker had this unforgettable moment with vice president joe biden while covering the inaugural parade. >> mr. vice president! mr. vice president! mr. vice president! hey, how are you doing? come on -- come on, they won't let you? are you -- yeah, that's it! yeah! all right! yes! yes! >> who can say no to al roker? >> surprised he actually came up -- >> persistence pays off. dylan dreyer is here. good morning. >> good morning. we are actually seeing pretty cold temperatures across the country. want a lot going on across the west coast today, so we're dealing with poor air quality across the pacific northwest. where it's coldest, especially across oregon, that's where we're starting off today with freezing fog. we will see a bigger system start to move in tomorrow. it will bring rain to the seat
an opportunity to talk about where we can find common ground. common ground, senator? republicans spent four years not compromising. and not wanting to be on any ground. common or not. with this president. and now they accuse him of not compromising? president obama has learned the lessons of four years of power politics and how to make republicans ied logs sit up and listen. >> medicare and medicaid and social security. these do not zap our initiative. they strengthen us. they do not make us a nation of takers. they free us to take the risks that make this country great. >> you got that, tea partiers? the president went right after the cynical romney/ryan republican view of the world. makers versus takers. calling out the extremists who refuse to listen to the american people. >> we cannot mistake absolutism for principle. or substitute spectacle for politics. or treat name calling as reasoned debate. >> this was a big speech of real vision. and the president made it clear he's ready to fight at their own game because the people are worth fighting for. >> for we, the people, understand that
of leadership. americans deserve better. all of those words were taken from then senator obama's statement before he voted against raising the debt ceiling in 2006. truer words cannot have been spoken today. the debt burden the president was concerned about a few years ago is still a very real threat today. congress should pass a responsible budget so we have a road map to get to our serious debt burden. no budget, no pay. >> i'm not sure i need this stool, but i'm a freshman. i'm new. i was sworn in just three weeks ago today and as a new member of the 113th congress, i know how they do things in washington, d.c.,. i know how they do things in missouri's 2nd congressional district. i'm a mother of three kids and have small business roots and all i know is that every family, every household, every business, every individual must have and pass a budget. we must live within our means. it is past time, way past time for the united states senate to pass a responsible budget that is going to put us on a path towards prosperity and is going to grow our economy and is going to create jobs and inc
. but the point is, look what they have to show for it. they didn't do anything in the senate, okay. they wanted to defeat president obama. it didn't happen. you picked up seats in the house. >> sure did. >> the momentum, the polls are with the democrats on every major issue. would they dare obstruct the way they did in 112th? >> oh, yeah. but i think it's important to know if you just left the republicans and the democrats in a room, we could probably come out with some solutions. they articulate their values. we would fight for ours too. but you have these puppet masters out there like grover norquist, like the koch brothers. and the question is will the republicans cut those strings and do what is right for the american people. will they say we're in here to help -- to promote the common welfare. >> we're going to talk more about this later on in this broadcast. but i want your take on this. what can be done on immigration reform? tell me where the republicans are going to move on this issue. >> well, i tell you. they -- i think we're going to move forward, because i know people like luis gut
it wouldn't be going to the supreme court. >> stephanie: if obama walks the talk he is talking about now. chris and i were lucky enough to hang with senator boxer yesterday at a luncheon, and she was really excited as the head of the environmental -- i can't remember the committee, because i'm drunk still -- [ laughter ] >> stephanie: she was really fired up. she was like, you know that he mentioned climate changed again -- >> she almost seemed a little bit shocked that he mentioned it so prominently. >> stephanie: and then a grandchild flung himself into her arms and he was taller than she was, it was awkward. but what was senator boxer talking about, being self-evident doesn't mean it's self fulfilling. but to her that was soerlt of a clairing call, and she was excited about it. >> just because we recognize the importance of an issue doesn't mean we can allow ourselves to stop working on it. >> the nazis are really bad maybe we should think about doing something about it. >> stephanie: jim. i think already matt and we have talked about this before. he has done as
that they are cared for and cherished and always safe from harm. >> president obama yesterday during his second inaugural speech addressing gun violence and today, congress officially begins to tackle the issue of gun control as they return to washington. joining me now is senator chris murphy, a democrat from connecticut. sir, it's great to have you with me today. the president alluded to gun violence in his speech but did not exactly use the term gun control. so does he need to be more aggressive on this front, especially when it comes to the state of the union address, which is his next big remarks? >> i expect that he will use the state of the union address to specifically challenge the congress to adopt his recommendations. he has been very aggressive about this, because newtown has personally affected him in a way these other tragedies haven't. when he walked into the school to give his address a few days after the massacre, he said to all of us that the worst day of his presidency was that friday. so listen, i'm glad the president put this on the agenda in his inaugural address and i'm e
. >> this is roberta. onto to say i thought obama's acceptance speech was absolutely brilliant. i think that susan collins -- i am very disappointed in my senator. >> when you say susan collins needs hearing aids, what did you hear from her after the speech question mark next >> she did not feel that he reached across the aisle. she did not hear the same speech i heard. >> what was the dominant thing that you heard -- the theme that you heard from the president's speech? >> the men could not possibly have done more -- then more open or more accepting or more generous or more openhearted. he wants this country to be one people. he wants us to work together toward one goal. that is what he wants. sincerely what he wants. that is what he believes. that is what he wants the country to work towards. that is what we need. >> president obama spoke just over 18 minutes. we will show all of that later in our program schedule again. you can find the particular speeches in our video library. in that speech he said, we have always understood that when times change, so must we. fidelity to our founding review
of the obama pregnancy so he can nominate and a presumably democratic controlled senate nomination could confirm -- justice kennedy is in play. while he has been supportive and probably wouldn't vote to overturn roe, did he vote to uphold partial-birth abortion. >> pete williams, our expert on all things supreme court. thank you, my friend. >> you bet. >> and on january 22nd, 1973, when the court handed down its decision in roev wade, this case had been argued to chief justice burger by a young texas attorney named sarah wittington. >> you may proceed whenever you're ready. >> we are not here to advocate abortion. we did not ask this court to rule that abortion is good. we are here to advocate that the decision as to whether whether or not a particular woman will continue to carry or will terminate a pregnancy is a decision that should be made by that individual. that, in fact, she has a constitutional right to make that decision for herself. >> and joining me now is sarah wettington, who went on to serve as a special assistant to president jimmy carter, as well as the first woman electe
as the senate and house both pass a budget. if not, this bill prescribes that it gets held back is not. dagen: thank you. president obama mentioned just about everything from gun control to climate change in his inaugural address. one thing was almost missing, though. jobs. joining us with more is steve moore. he laid out his agenda, a whole host of things. why not focus on jobs. does he think that this recovery is so on track that jobless rate will continue to fall, steve? >> i was struck by that also. in the whole speech, he did not talk about jobs. he did not talk about private business and entrepreneurs. it was a very pro-government speech. the president has a big challenge ahead. we still have a near 8% unemployment rate in this country, chipolte, over the last four years of this suppose it recovery. i do not think he mentioned the word jobs in that entire speech. dagen: three times. we did a quick count. >> i stand corrected. dagen: if you go through the list of things that he covered, that he wants to tackle, i said gun control at the top, immigration, climate change, equal pay for wom
secretary clinton and as of yet the real issues have not come to the table fully which is why was the obama scradmrgs actively arming and supporting known al qaeda fighters in libya, which were responsible for the attack during the overthrow of gaddafi and continue to support known al qaeda elements in syria and elsewhere? senator rand paul made a good statement -- i just want to say senator rand paul called -- talked about fast and furious saying there would be an investigation in the senate. i want to know, representative amash with the government and oversight reform, this could be obama's watergate. how far will he take it? >> i believe a lot of questions the american people want asked will be asked. i anticipate, me personally, asking some very pointed questions of the secretary because i have questions as an american taxpayer and as a citizen. i was surprised this weekend after what happened in algeria that secretary panetta said we're going to go after the guys that were responsible for killing these americans that were working. what about going after the guys that killed our ambassa
, jay carney signaled president obama would sign it. >> it still has toover come concerns expressed by member of the hus and the senate before it passes both chambers to reach the president's desk. if it does and it reaches the president's desk, he would not stand in the way of bill becoming law. >> so it appears that pressure is building on senator reid to act. meanwhile late today, sources say speaker boehner told g.o.p. members behind closed dors the house budget chairman paul ryan is working on a budget plan that would balance within ten years. boehner says he applauds that goal and shares it. >> bret: mike emanuel live on the hill. thank you. more than 24 hours after promising to respond to the threat of climate change, president obama has something else to respond to tonight. nebraska's governor approved a new route for the controversial keystone oil pipeline to put the ball scarily in the president's court. chief white house correspondent ed henry tells us that is one issue getting a second look tonight. >> attending a prayer service after a long night of celebrating the star
to handle thea republic economy by 15 points.r john thune is a republican senator from south dakota. was this what the republicanrepublican party saying we're going too operate a little differently in a second president obama term?ell, i thi >> well, i think -- i do believe it's a recognition of politicalde reality. the pre we realize the president won the election and i -- so i think to some degree it was a recognition that for us to have a debateav about spending and debt we'vewe got to have the focus be on a and wha budget and what we're going to achieve a balanced budget over time. >> pelley: and that's why thee republicans have attached a caveat to their debt ceiling bill. they want senate democrats to do something they haven't done since 2009: pass a budget putting them on the record about to spend how much they want to spend next year and on what, scott. >> pelley: nancy, thank you. major garrett told us a momentrrett to ago the president cited the newtown tragedy in his inaugural his ina address and calling for new gun control measures but did thees but d president change a
barack obama was born, four civil rights workers were arrested in louisiana. on august 4th, the civil rights act was passed by the senate. so there's so much history that was sort of, you could see it in his face today, i think in a more profound way than even is first inaugural. >> well, he comes from an unusual background. he comes from an imgrant mother who left the scene, white mother, middle american mother raised in hawaii and raised again in indonesia. >> so he had to construct an identity where he discovered, constructed, i think, because it was a deliberate process. he wrote about it in dreams for my father, his first book, it's been written about by others. and the identity that he constructed is an african american man. he went into the community in chicago, he -- you know, into the south side to be that, basically. and that's -- that is, i think, genuinely who he is. >> do you think it's like i know when i go to get a cab, i'm just another african american guy? >> right. it's fascinating in the context of black america because he represents so many trends in black america
they belong on him. tom coburn, good to have you here. >> welcome back to the show. >> barack obama was a friend of yours in the senate. how did your friend do yesterday? >> he did fine. i think he missed some opportunities to pull the country together. but a lot of his words were good words for the country to hear. we have such big problems, some of the promises and potential for our country aren't going to be achieved until we're pulled together and we solve the economic problems in front of us. they're not going to go away and we're not going to grow our way out of them. i think he missed an opportunity to require the responsibility of this wonderful freedom we have to require all of us to have some sacrifice. it doesn't matter who it is. for us to get back actually back on the track where we need to be. >> your issue, like mine, when i came in, in '94, like your issue when you came in, in '94 when we came in together, your issue since then, has been the national debt. i was -- i said really the only part of the speech that really caused me concern was t the -- when he touched on
of the president's speech. senator john mccain said of obama's speech, "this is the eight inauguration i've been so and always there's been a portion of the speech where the president says i reach out my hand because we need to work together. that was no the speech." maria cardona is a cnn trat gist and contributor, and anna in a va know cnn conservative strategist. some said it was an ode to big government, it was a hymn to big government. anna are those conservatives right? >> i think it was an ode to the progressive agenda. i've heard progressives on tv describing it as one of the most progressive speeches they've heard and so if that's what progressives are thinking, conservatives and republicans are thinking much more so. i heard, carol, a heard a lot of progressive ideology sandwiched in between some talk of togetherness and unity. i was one of those republicans that was hoping for a speech that would inspire the nation that would unite. we've got so much division. look, this is his inaugural. it's his speech. it's his tone, it's the way he's going to go down in history but for those of us wh
even in public ways, especially when you see something as bad as these senate rules. >> larry cohen, thank you very muchor being with me. >> my pleasure and my honor. thanyou. ♪ >>> on this inaugural weekend of barack obama's second term, i've asked the poet martÍn espada to share with us a moment of revelation that he experienced four years ago, just a few days after obama was elected as our first african-american president. you need to know that martÍn espada grew up in the tough, ethnically diverse neighborhood of east new york, brooklyn for you out-of-towners. but when his family moved and became the only puerto ricans in a long island suburb, he encountered racism head-on. he went to law school and became an advocate for tenants' rights in boston where he began to scratch poems on yellow legal pads while waiting in courthouses for cases to be called. you can't read any of his 16 books of poems, translations and essays,including, most recently, "the trouble ball," without discoverina man wh undetands life as struggle. a writer for whom the past is a living, breathing muse wh
of these issues. it was interesting yesterday that obama singled out issues like ensuring that women get equal pay as a key part of the principles he was trying to establish. host: republicans in the house and the senate, what are they saying on this? guest: a lot of them are not happy that the discussion was not more vocus on the economy. on the economy. his speech was supposed to be uplifting. republicans feel like for them to help steer the economy in the right direction, you have to get bending under control. with democrats, when they want to push jobs, it involves more stimulus spending. the two sides clash. they have never been able to pass some bills because it included stimulus that democrats wanted to pass. republicans want to get the economy going in the right direction and reduced spending. reduced federal regulations. repeal parts of obamacare. this is what job creation is about. that is part of the reason why congress is not passed these measures is because the two sides have opposite views on what it would take to create new jobs in america. that will continue. caller: i am calling i
'm not sure that he will. even if that's what he wants some senate democrats are pulling back on the ambitious parts of that, the focus on the universal background checks, which a lot of people agree with. while obama has been bold and up front about this, i think it's something that he might not dedicate certainly the capital energy he gave to healthcare. one way that it will be different as well the healthcare was a drag on his party at midterm elections. what the white house is calculating that gun control will help them, fire up the base, which is very important and something that splits republicans, that they can be hammered for you voted against getting these military-style weapons or checking the backgrounds of people who want to buy them. >> john: which makes it looks like win-win to matter what, even if the republicans kill it in the house, he can use it against them i am perpetuity: i would like to get your thoughts on this part of the speech. >> obama: being true to our founding documents does not require us to agree on every contour of life. it does not mean that we all define lib
here. >> okay. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm honored. i'm state senator iris martinez, coming from the great state that gave you the most marvelous president, barack obama. [applause] i am also proud to join my fellow democrats in nominating the congresswoman for the chair of the democratic national committee. while my home is illinois, florida is very close and dear to my heart. my family was smart enough to move out there 20 years ago so i consider you my congresswoman too because that's home for me when i leave illinois, i don't know when, but i need something warm. [laughter] i've always thought of congresswoman as my second congresswoman. it is my honor to nominate such an extraordinary role model for woman, someone i so respect and admire to continue leading the party. serving the people of florida for nearly two decades, the congresswoman fought tirelessly for america's children, seniors, men and women in uniform, known for her tenacity and strength in the face of tremendous challenges, there's no one better equipped to lead our party at the most important time. debbie bring
the tail rather than just get ready for the big fight. senator chuck schumer has a theory to go to al's point that he tells his colleagues which is that because president obama never had to climb the greasey poll pole of politics, didn't have to make his way up in the political world, he's had a kind of special path in life he doesn't know this benefit of relationship he didn't have to learn the hard way that relationips are what got you from the tiny city council race up into maybe the slightly higher race and that's one of the reasons. i think another thing in talking to white house aides about why the president doesn't believe in schmoozing, a, he believes -- he doesn't want to do it. it's not his cup of tea. but his view-- particularly on john boehner-- is that boehner cannot deliver a deal. he can do all the schmoozing he wants but when john boehner, the house speaker, goes back to his caucus they are driven and ruled by imperatives that are impervious to schmoozing and this that's basically their nstituents at home and therefore if boehner can't help him make a deal he has to fi
of it simply didn't sustain. there's a reason barack obama didn't talk all that much about it in 2008. how do you keep the momentum to do something? >> the facts are important. senator cruz is new to the shop here. and over the course of this debate, he'll get the facts. the facts are that 40% of weapons transferred in america are done outside of federal licensees, 40%. so nearly half of weapons that are sold or transferred are done not through dick's sporting goods or your local gun shop, where i bought my weapon. so it's incredibly important that we close this loophole. and it's actually just a universal background check, so wherever, and no matter how or between who a gun or weapon is transferred, you go through a background check. it makes sense and the overwhelming of american people support it. sportsman support it. hunters in my state support it. but there are people like senator cruz who continue to, you know, create this notion that the vast majority of people go through a background check, which is not the case. >> question, does it surprise you that there does seem to be majorities
hawaii was there. president obama attended the school from 1971-1979. displays from the president's home state of hawaii and from illinois the state he represented in the u.s. senate. and for the first family after a long day of pomp and circumstance, a night of inaugural balls lay ahead. test inn year the president and first lady are attending two, the command never chief ball and inaugural ball both at the washington convention center. a few minutes ago the president thanked members of the armed services and their families for their sacrifice and service. and then he introduced his wife michelle. >> ladies and gentlemen, my better half, and my dance partner, michelle obama! >> and now please welcome grammy and academy award winner jennifer hudson. ♪ ♪ let's stay together ♪ ♪ i'm loving you ♪. >> brown: all eyes were, of course, on the dress and there it is, a ruby coloured chiffon and velvet dress designed by jason wu which was a bit of a surprise to fashion mavens. jason wu designed michelle obama's dress four years ago. there was some thinking it might go to another design
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